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Coca - Cola Amatil Indonesia is a company

Coca - Cola Amatil Indonesia is a company that produces and distributes carbonated beverages in containers . Beverage companies that are directly under The Coca - Cola Company has had a factory in the city of Jakarta, Medan , Padang , Lampung , Bandung , Semarang , Surabaya and Denpasar . Distribution process coca - cola company products is done by the company itself, which is owned by PT Coca - Cola Bottling Indonesia , assisted by experienced distributors through specialized agencies , supermarkets and kiosks retail stalls .Coca - Cola Indonesia had received the title as the fastest company in terms of turnover and demand , it is because the product can be consumed by all levels of society both aged children , adults and the elderly . CCAI re- open the selection of new candidates to the following positions
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